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Odoo Accounting app helps you get your accounting done right 

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Odoo Accounting app

Odoo Accounting App Optimizes Accounting Processes

Odoo records financial transactions.

Reduce manual data entry and get more work done by having your financial transactions recorded automatically with Odoo Accounting app

Odoo conduct bank reconciliation.

Smart reconciliation tool that allows automation of reconciliation propositions based on invoices or bank statements

Odoo report financial performance.

Access to accounting information easily with readily available performance reports (balance sheets, profit & loss, cash flow statement, etc.)

Odoo dynamic accounting dashboard

A Single Source of Accounting Insights

Dynamic Accounting Dashboard

  • Acquire real-time accounting insights with a customizable accounting dashboard from Odoo Accounting app.

  • Full visibility on key information of customer invoices, vendor bills, inventory valuation, and more in a single dashboard.

  • Provides an easier understanding of financial statuses through graphical representation.

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Odoo payment follow-up reports

Ease Your Payment Collection Process

Payment Follow-Up Reports

  • Identify all overdue invoices and customers' total overdue amounts in one single report.

  • Automatically send out reminder emails from the Odoo Accounting app to customers with overdue invoices by different follow-up levels.

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Odoo deferred expenses and revenue models

Report Company Assets & Liabilities Accurately

Deferred Expenses & Revenue Models

  • The Odoo Accounting app reports your deferred expenses and revenue reported accurately.

  • Easily generate deferred expenses/revenue in a draft mode which will be posted periodically until the full amount is recognized.

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Odoo cost centre accounting

Manage Budgets The Proper Way 

Cost Centre Accounting

  • Clear segmentation of expenses/incomes based on different projects or departments.

  • New entries will be allocated to corresponding analytical accounts automatically.

  • Control spending effectively with the comparison report between the actual amount spent and the set budget.

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Odoo depreciation in asset management

Precise & Accurate Asset Evaluation

Depreciation In Asset Management

  • Significantly reduce manual work and human errors by allowing asset values to be written off automatically by each month or year.

  • Accurately compute the salvage and residual value of services/products at the end of its lease term.

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Additional Features of Odoo Accounting App

Other features from the Odoo Accounting app you might be looking for

Perpetual Financial Report

Clear financial overview to examine the cash flow, profit & loss, balance sheet, and financial summary of the company

Multi-company & Consolidated Account

Integrate all financial statements from multiple companies to create a consolidated set of statements

Budget Management & Analysis

Compare the actual expenditures or earnings to the budget set for each analytical account

Multi-currencies Support

Get automatically updated currency rates on a daily basis

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