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Odoo Field Service app increases your field servicing efficiency

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Odoo Field Service app

Odoo Field Service App Optimizes Your Field Service Management

Odoo single view of field service planning

Assign tasks to each technician properly based on their availability through a single view of planning

Odoo distribute tasks to technician.

Technician receives tasks and can view their tasks with a well-organized and clear pipeline overview

View the worksheet on Odoo.

View the worksheet on Odoo to ensure proper preparation and adherence to critical steps during the on-site service

Odoo Field Service App Main Features

Odoo checklist template for clearer guidelines.

Complete On-site Services Consistently

Checklist Template

  • Shows the technicians a list of spare parts and necessary steps to be taken.

  • Ensure the technicians adhere to all critical actions to minimize the chances of doing mistakes.

  • Able to identify and help resolve problems on the first visit, significantly increasing efficiency.

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Odoo task monitoring and planning

Effective Resources Management

Task Monitoring & Planning

  • Gain a clear, real-time overview of the work schedules on the Odoo Field Service app.

  • Assign the tasks effectively based on the availability of the resources, workload, etc.

  • Avoid task duplication and overlapping, achieving a higher level of operational efficiency.

See how Odoo Field Service app works

Odoo recurring task automation

Schedule Repeated Task Automatically

Recurring Task Automation

  • Automatically allocate recurring tasks to the initial technicians in charge at regular intervals.

  • Reduce the need to manually create tasks from scratch each time on a frequent basis, saving you time and effort.

See how Odoo Field Service app works

Odoo eSignature

Improved User Convenience


  • Customers can sign documents on-site for verification as soon as the service is completed.

  • Eliminate the need for manual handling of paper documents, reducing errors and saving time.

  • Provide instant confirmation that both parties agree on the work that was completed.

See how Odoo Field Service app works

Additional Features of Odoo Field Service App

Other features from the Odoo Field Service app you might be looking for


Record time spent on each task automatically every time the timer is started.

Map View

View the map to identify the fastest routes to take when scheduling and traveling next on-site service.

Digital Reporting Tools

Custom, view, and analyze the reports with real-time analytics

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