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Why we choose to be an Odoo partner

"Making companies a better place, one app at a time."

Odoo has set out to be a company that provides ERP system in hopes of improving businesses worldwide. Despite of the pandemic, businesses are still able to operate as usual while keeping themselves and the customers safe. This is made possible with Odoo Cloud ERP system.

An App for Every Need

Odoo has developed 70+ main applications that are regularly updated. With their actively participating community members, Odoo has an additional 27,000+ apps to help cover all kinds of business needs. Being the most installed and utilized system in the world with over 5 million users, Odoo is definitely a highly recommended ERP system to have for your business.

Odoo ERP System Malaysia apps
Odoo ERP System unique selling point

What Makes Odoo Unique?

Odoo aims to ensure users are able to quickly adapt to the implementation of its ERP system. Through additional apps, the constant growth of each company’s needs and customer expectations can be tackled accordingly. Odoo is suitable for all SME business owners thanks to its fluid, flexible, and fully integrated system.

The Journey of Odoo

Odoo's logo from V1 to V3, TinyERP

Started with the dream of wanting to change the enterprise world.

Odoo's logo from V4 to V7, OpenERP
2006 - 2013

To prove worthy of changing the world, "Tiny ERP" then became "Open ERP".

2014 - Now

Having disrupted the ERP market, a new journey commenced with "Odoo".

7 Million Users Grow Their Businesses With Odoo  

Odoo is Trusted Worldwide

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Starts with...

INSEAD Young Innovator Award


Highest-ranked Belgian company in the Deloitte Technology Fast50 Benelux (growth of 1,549% in the past 5 years)

Bossie Award for the Best Open Source Solution


Trends Gazelles Award

Linux New Media Award for The Best Open Source Solution compatible with European Accounting Systems

Bossie Award for the Best Open Source  Solution

L’Entreprise Prometteuse by Ernst & Young

Bossie Award for the Best Open Source Solution

Fabien Pinckaers is elected "Top Manager of the year" by Le Soir

Bossie Award for the Best Open Source Solution

Fabien Pinckaers is elected "Top Manager of the year" by Le Soir


 Trends Gazelle Award - SME category


Deal of the Year by Trends-Tendances


Fabien Pinckaers is elected Manager of the Year 2020 by Trends-Tendances

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