Odoo Malaysia Trading & Wholesale Distribution ERP System

Digitalize Your Trading & Wholesale Distribution Business

All-in-one cloud Malaysia ERP system that works great for wholesalers & distributors

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Odoo Malaysia ERP solution for trading & distribution.

Why Trading & Wholesale Distribution Businesses Need Odoo ERP System

Odoo automated workflow.

Less Human Errors with Inventory Automation

Odoo accurate reporting.

Intuitive Sales

Reporting & Analysis

Odoo high data visibility.

Improved Inventory Visibility & Traceability

Odoo Malaysia ERP System for Trading & Wholesale Distribution

Real-time forecasting by Odoo Malaysia.

Odoo's Real-time Inventory Reporting

Understand Your Inventory Status with Full Stock Visibility

Gain full visibility on your inventory status with real-time reports like inventory valuation, forecast inventory, and product moves for wholesale distribution business in Odoo.

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Automated reordering process by Odoo Malaysia..

Odoo's Reordering Automation

Always Keep Your Inventory At Optimum Level

Effectively prevent stockout and overstocking problems in your wholesale distribution business using Odoo's automated replenishment strategies (Min-Max Rule & Make-to-Order).

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Stock tracking with barcode in Odoo Malaysia..

Odoo's Barcode Scanning

Easily Scan & Record Stock Information with No Human Errors

Easily track, manage, and locate stocks with lots/serial number tracking in Odoo. Odoo's barcode streamlines data input, saving time and reducing human errors in overall wholesale distribution process.

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Multiple warehouse management by Odoo Malaysia..

Odoo's Multi Warehouse Management

Gain Better Control Over All Your Warehouses

Manage and control multiple warehouses under a single platform that supports internal transfers. Shipping rules for any incoming or outgoing shipments can be set easily for your wholesale distribution warehouse in Odoo.

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Engage customers with customer portals in Odoo ERP system.

Odoo's Customer Portal

Effectively Connect & Communicate with Your Customers

Provides customers with easy access to statuses of quotes, sales orders, and delivery orders. Relevant optional products in wholesale distribution companies can be showcased to customers in Odoo, potentially improving sales performance.

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Streamline & Level Up Your Business Flow with Odoo

Odoo's all-in-one ERP system for your trading & wholesale distribution business

Odoo Apps for Trading & Wholesale Distribution

Integrate & simplify your Trading & Distribution workflow with these Odoo apps

Odoo Purchase app 


Make better procurement decisions with Odoo Purchase app

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Odoo Sales app 


Speed up the order-to-cash cycle with Odoo Sales app

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Odoo Inventory app 


Automate & streamline your inventory management with Odoo Inventory app

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Odoo Accounting app 


Get your accounting done right with Odoo Accounting app

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