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Odoo Purchase app helps you make better procurement decisions

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Odoo Purchase app

Odoo Purchase App Automates Purchasing Workflow

Odoo choose the best deals

Easily select the potential vendor that offers the best price and quality from the Odoo Purchase app

Odoo request purchase approval.

Request approval automatically after new quotation creation if the order exceeds the minimal amount

Odoo automates bill confirmation.

Confirm vendor bill with a single click after receiving the product

Odoo Purchase App Main Features

Odoo automated RFQ creation.

Keeping Stock At Optimum Level

Automated RFQ Creation

  • Easily maintain inventory at an optimum level with Odoo Purchase app's replenishment automation.

  • Automatically create and send out RFQs to suppliers according to stock levels.

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Odoo blanket orders agreement

Secure Continuous Suppliers

Blanket Orders Agreement

  • Purchase bulk products from the same vendor at negotiated prices on a regular basis.

  • Eliminate excessive stockpiling by offering several delivery dates from a single purchasing order.

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Odoo call for bids

Negotiate, Compare & Get The Best Offers

Purchase Tenders

  • Easily identify and compare multiple vendors offers all in a single view.

  • Create and send out purchase orders to the selected best offer with just a few clicks.

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Odoo vendor pricelist

Keep Track of Past Purchase Prices

Vendor Pricelist

  • Record and track all past purchase prices of products from different vendors.

  • Make well-informed purchase decisions with key information like purchase prices, best deals, and delivery lead time.

See how Odoo Purchase app works

Additional Features of Odoo Purchase App

Other features from the Odoo Purchase app you might be looking for

Vendors Record

Retrieve vendor details, history of purchases, and confirmed sales orders when needed.

Order List View

Identify the next action to be taken, billing statuses, amount to be collected, etc. for each purchase order in one view.

Reporting Dashboard

Get more insights that help with forecasting and making better decisions.

Send Message

Send out personalized email messages to the vendors directly from RFQs.

Delivery Confirmation Email

Create and send confirmation emails automatically ipon product delivery confirmation.

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