Odoo Malaysia Retail ERP System

Integrate & Manage Your Retail Stores Smoothly

A complete Odoo Malaysia ERP system to keep your omnichannel retail businesses connected & integrated

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Odoo Malaysia solution for retail.

Why Retail Businesses Need Odoo ERP System

Improved cash flow by Odoo.

Improved Business 

Cash Flow

Odoo real-time sales analytics.

Real-time & Detailed

 Sales Analytics

Odoo seamless integration.

Integrate All Business Operations & Locations

Odoo Malaysia ERP System for Retail

Online POS in Odoo Malaysia..

Odoo's Point of Sale System

Keep Transaction Processes Operational Always

Run your retail businesses and cash in customer payments without any disruptions with Odoo's POS. Transaction records will be automatically recorded accurately, every single time..

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Odoo Malaysia with multiple payment gateways.

Odoo's Multiple Payment Gateways

Enhance Customer Payment Process with Multiple Payment Methods

Provide your customers a seamless payment experience with various payment methods. Odoo POS that supports multiple payment gateways helps you effectively secure payments.

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Real-time sales reporting by Odoo Malaysia.

Odoo's Sales Reporting & Analysis

Gain Important Insights on Sales & Revenue Performances

Record, view, and analyze how your retail businesses are performing with comprehensive reporting in Odoo. Boost your retail sales performance significantly by taking well-informed decisions.

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Promote customer loyalty program with Odoo Malaysia..

Odoo's Customer Loyalty Program

Keep Your Customers Coming Back with Loyalty Rewards

Maintain or even improve your customer retention rate with a customer loyalty program. Bonus points, loyalty cards, and more can be given to loyal customers with Odoo POS.

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Automate accounting data entries in Odoo Malaysia..

Odoo's Automated Accounting Data Entries

Improve Sales Transaction Data Records Accuracy

Every transaction data is updated on Odoo's accounting system automatically. Automation cut down risks of human error and ensures accuracy of data.

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Improve Your Cashflow & Performance Visibility with Odoo

A flexible Malaysia ERP system that works best for your retail business

Odoo Apps for Retail

Integrate & simplify your Retail workflow with these Odoo apps

Odoo POS app 


Keep checkout process smooth and convenient with Odoo POS app

Odoo Attendance app 


Clock in & clock out are made easier with Odoo attendance app

Odoo eCommerce app 


Create online store to sell services/products with Odoo eCommerce app

Odoo Website app 


Build a business website with just drag-and-drop with Odoo website app

Our Odoo's Retail Clients

Onnet Consulting's client TINYROBOT
Onnet Consulting's client VINX
Onnet Consulting's client Baskin-Robbins
Onnet Consulting's client AMPM Pharmacy

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