Odoo ERP Malaysia Localization

Customized and localized specifically for Malaysian SMEs by Onnet

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Odoo Sales Localization

Credit Limit & Days Odoo Localization icon

Credit Limit/Days

Control and manage customer credits efficiently. 

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Sales Price History Odoo Localization icon

Sales Price History

Keep track of past product sales price with up-to-date history. 

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Multilayer Discounts Odoo Localization icon

Multilayer Discounts

Provide multiple levels of discounts to your customers on the fly. 

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Confirm Multiple Sales Orders Odoo Localization icon

Confirm Multiple Sales Orders

Easily confirm multiple sales with just a few clicks. 

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Odoo Accounting Localization

Statement of Accounts Odoo Localization icon

Statement of Accounts

Understand the overall financial health of your business at a glance. 

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Recurring Entries Odoo Localization icon

Recurring Entries

Improve the efficiency of your finance teams with recurring entries automation. 

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Odoo Inventory Localization

Stock Aging Report Odoo Localization icon

Stock Aging Report

Identify all your fast/slow-moving products in a single report

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Stock Card Report Odoo Localization icon

Stock Card Report

Simplify your inventory reconciliation with product movement visibility. 

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Odoo Purchase Localization

Vendor Portal 2.0 Odoo Localization icon

Vendor Portal 2.0

A seamless communication channel for you and your vendors. 

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Call for Bid Comparison Odoo Localization icon

Call for Bid Comparison

View, compare, and select the best vendor prices all in one view. 

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Purchase History Odoo Localization icon

Purchase Price History

View your past purchase prices with one simple click. 

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Odoo Manufacturing Localization

Production Direct or Indirect Cost Localization icon

Production Direct/Indirect Cost

Clearly understand the costs that go into your manufacturing processes. 

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