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Odoo Invoicing app allows you to create & send invoices with just a few clicks

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Odoo Invoicing app

Odoo Invoicing App Secures Your Invoice Payments

Odoo converts quotes to invoices.

Convert quotes to invoices automatically based on sales orders and issue them to the customer

Odoo attaches payment terms to invoices.

Attach payment terms to the invoices as a quick reminder for customers to pay on time

Odoo reminds customers of unpaid invoices.

Automated reminders will be sent to customers for any unpaid invoices 

Odoo Invoicing App Main Features

Odoo customer invoices overview

Payment Statuses at a Single View

Customer Invoices Overview

  • Easily keep track of all invoice statuses with a comprehensive list view in Odoo Invoicing app.

  • View and analyze invoices by different filtering and grouping.

  • Recognize and send out reminders immediately for any outstanding invoices.

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Odoo invoice payment terms

Get Paid Correctly, Faster & On Time

Invoice Payment Terms

  • Pre-define due dates and amounts for customers to pay.

  • Payment terms for projects can be set as bulk, progress, knock-off, or advance payment.

  • Allow customers to pay through installment plans over a set period of time.

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Odoo customer credit notes

Building Customer Trust Through Transparency

Customer Credit Notes

  • Easily issue credit notes to customers when they are credited with a certain amount for better transparency.

  • Credit notes issued to the customers will be automatically booked and updated in the accounting system.

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Odoo invoice template design

Easily Customize Professional Invoice Templates

Invoice Template Design

  • Design a unique, personalized invoice template that represents your business.

  • Invoice templates can be used to reduce repetitive manual data entry for any future invoice creation. 

See how Odoo Invoicing app works

Additional Features of Odoo Invoicing App

Other features from the Odoo Invoicing app you might be looking for

Recurring Invoices

Manage and issue recurring invoices to customers according to a set frequency.

Batch Deposit

Group multiple invoices into a single batch automatically to receive multiple payments at once.

Detailed Invoices Analysis

Gain clear insights on invoice statuses to better determine overall company payment collection health.

Customer Payment Follow-Up

Send reminders to customers automatically to clear any unpaid bills.

Multicurrency Payment

Allow customers to pay in their own preferred currencies.

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