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Avialite Malaysia is implementing Odoo ERP system.

Avialite: Spearheading The Aviation Light Industry

Avialite is the first manufacturer of LED aviation obstruction beacons, warning lights, and AOL systems in Malaysia. With endless innovation, Avialite's mission is to keep our skies safe at all times.

As Avialite grows steeply, visibility and traceability become major issues, impeding activities all the way from the supply chain to inventory and even to sales. Immediately realizing the need for an ideal ERP system to replace all of their current individual systems, Avialite has contacted Onnet Consulting to assist them with their Odoo ERP implementation.

Chew Yein Sean
Business Development Director of Avialite, Malaysia


"The team's dedication and professionalism aided us a lot in our ERP implementation."

With their consultation, our ERP implementation is a success, allowing us to compete in this ever-changing global market! We truly value the partnership between us and the team.

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Odoo ERP Implementation Journey of Avialite

Unique ERP solutions specifically for Avialite by Onnet Consulting

Worker takes photo with aviation light after installation.

Lack Work Center Progress & Availability Visibility 

Avialite lacks an overview of real-time progress and availability for all work centers.

Odoo has provided Avialite's team with a single view of work center statuses, allowing for a better understanding of the overall operational capacity. Having clearer work center visibility, production workers can now have more efficient work center planning.

Proper Production Scheduling is Difficult & Challenging

Without firsthand sales information, production planning becomes a big challenge for Avialite.

By introducing make-to-order automation, Avialite's manufacturing order can be automatically generated upon sales order confirmation, making production planning more efficient and organized.

LED aviation obstruction beacon and warning light.
Telecommunication towers.

Runs Into Out-of-Stock Issues Frequently

Avialite's manual stock replenishment and ordering processes often cause out-of-stock issues.

Onnet Consulting has effectively prevented the issue by automating its workflow with Odoo. Avialite can now generate draft PO automatically whenever stocks fall below the minimum quantity or are insufficient for production.

Electrical supplies.

Never Could Pinpoint Product Movements

Avialite finds it difficult to trace the movement of products without lot/serial numbers.

Now Avialite can specify where the stock goes, all the way from manufacturing to delivery using serial numbers. Batch tracking with lot numbers gives even more convenience by eliminating tedious serial number input.

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