CRM Software: Does Business In Malaysia Really Need It
8 obvious signs businesses in Malaysia need a CRM tool
13 January, 2023 by
Chuah Chun Yan

CRM Software Malaysia: Does Business Really Need It?

Everyone in Malaysia is talking about how great CRM software is and says CRM is a tool almost every business needs.

How do you know if your business needs CRM software?

When is the right time to get a CRM software for your sales team?

What are the signs that show you need to get CRM software?

Oftentimes when it comes to deciding whether to implement new software for the company, these are some of the questions that managers would usually ponder.

If you are one of them, here are 8 obvious signs that you could use to tell yourself (or your boss).

Hey, maybe it's time we get CRM software?

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5 Obvious Signs Your Team Need A CRM Software Malaysia

1. It's difficult to make sales

2. It’s difficult to create customer profiles

3. Your customer service is poor

4. Collected customer data and information are always wrong

5. Forecasting and reporting are near impossible

1. It's difficult to make sales

If your teams are starting to face trouble making sales, then it probably is a good time to implement analytical CRM software.

Sales closing can be difficult especially when your teams don't have the necessary customer data/analysis to do so.

Without having a platform to see your sales and customer information, it will be challenging for your teams to explore new opportunities or know where to improve when it comes to selling.

Get your sales teams equipped with CRM software that can help them identify any upselling opportunities, provide better customer service, analyze sales performance better, and prioritize sales leads.

With all that, the chances of your teams bringing in sales will improve significantly.

2. It's difficult to create customer profiles

Customer profiles are essential when it comes to sales and marketing efforts.

Having customer profiles help your sales teams sell better with an understanding of the customers' needs.

Your marketing teams will be able to curate more personalized content and ads too that attract leads.

However, businesses will first need to have enough customer data to create customer profiles that are actually relevant.

If your business is having difficulties coming up with customer profiles, it is probably due to not having enough data, a lack of data analysis tools, or not being able to identify customer data trends.

That itself probably should be a clear sign for you to get CRM software.

3. Your customer service is poor

Customer service is key to keeping your customers happy and having a good brand image.

If you're getting complaints about having one-star ratings, then it's probably an obvious indicator that your customer service is poor.

Ask yourself these few questions;

  • Is your customer retention rate decreasing?
  • Is your customer response time slow?
  • Do you have lots of unsolved customer issues?
If most of your answers are yes, then get your customer service team CRM software!

Not only will CRM software be able to help your teams identify and keep track of customer issues, but it can also be an effective communication tool.

If customer service plays a major role in your company, then CRM software is definitely a solution worth investing in.

4. Collected customer data and information are always wrong

In this day and age, having accurate and readily accessible data is very powerful.

By fully utilizing those data, businesses will be able to plan more strategically and make better decisions.

With that being said, data accuracy is of the utmost importance. Data inaccuracy could lead to profit-losing efforts.

When you realize your teams are getting inaccurate customer data frequently, then maybe it is time for you to have CRM software that helps you ensure data accuracy.

CRM software encourages the automation of data entry/syncing.

With that, data errors can be greatly reduced, allowing your teams to make impactful profit-making actions.

5. Forecasting and reporting are near impossible

Forecasting and reporting can be challenging, even with the right tools.

They can be even more so difficult for businesses that do not have CRM software.

If your teams are struggling to come up with reports and forecasts, this can negatively affect the business in the long run.

Your teams will be completely in the dark on aspects like the overall business performances, cashflows, customer retention rates, etc.

Without decent visibility on these aspects, your teams will eventually lose a sense of direction in what they do, thus affecting performance.

If you are looking to fully utilize your data collected, getting CRM software will be the right decision.

Here's a pro tip for businesses in Malaysia that implement CRM software for the first time!

If you're looking to implement your first CRM software, look for one that provides you with an attractive reporting dashboard, integrates well with your other business management system, automates data recording, and has an affordable price!