Odoo Field Service Management (FSM): Optimize Your Field Service Operations in Malaysia
Explore all the useful features and benefits of using Odoo FSM for field service providers in Malaysia
5 May, 2023 by
Chuah Chun Yan

Odoo Field Service Management (FSM): Optimize Your Field Service Operations in Malaysia

Are you a field service provider in Malaysia looking for a better way to manage your field service operations? Then, you might want to check out an effective field service management system like Odoo to help you out!

With a robust field service management system, you can better manage your company’s resources and all service operations, guaranteeing a seamless field service experience for your customers.

This can cover a wide range of activities, such as installations, maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and more. 

What is Odoo Field Service Management (FSM)?

Field service providers in Malaysia often face challenges such as missing paperwork, inaccurate data, andand miscommunications with the home office. These issues can lead to over-promising, going to the wrong address, or even under-promising.

But with the help of Odoo FSM, a powerful field service management system, you can now automate the process that was done manually. Odoo FSM offers a range of features, think scheduling, dispatching technicians, route planning, an automated billing system, and more.

Odoo FSM is designed to make the lives of field service providers in Malaysia easier and more efficient.

In this blog, we will explore all the useful features and benefits of using Odoo FSM for field service providers in Malaysia.

Trust us, if you are looking to level up your field service game, you won’t want to miss this!

Let’s start!

What Are The Key Features of Odoo FSM?

Odoo FSM comes with a ton of features to help you optimize your field service operations and increase productivity. Let’s check out the top 8 features of Odoo FMS now:

  • Multi-project management

  • Mobile device access

  • Route planning

  • Working time tracking

  • Worksheet template

  • Product selling

  • Billing and invoicing

  • Integration with other Odoo apps

This is Odoo Multi-project managementMulti-project management

Finding it tough to manage multiple projects and resources?

In Odoo FSM, you can create as many field service tasks as you need, all will be kept neat and organized.

You can easily assign tasks to your technicians based on their availability from the Gantt view and make any necessary changes with a simple drag-and-drop.

Odoo FSM is mobile friendlyMobile device access

And speaking of technicians, with Odoo FSM, your technician can manage everything on the go. That’s why the mobile app is a must-have.

They can view their schedules, receive dispatches, and even get customer signatures for verification right on their phones.

No more lugging around stacks of paperwork!

You can perform route planning in Odoo FSMRoute planning

When it comes to route planning, we have got you covered too.

With the map view in Odoo FSM, you can optimize appointments to reduce travel time and distance, saving up a lot of time, fuel, and maintenance costs.

And, best of all, your technicians will no longer have to spend half their day on the road feeling exhausted.

Working time tracking is a must in Odoo FSMWorking time tracking

Working time tracking is a great feature in Odoo FSM that helps you keep track of your technicians’ time spent on tasks.

This way, you can make sure that your team is using their time efficiently and that your customers are automatically billed only for the actual work done.

Sell as you are doing service in Odoo FSMProduct selling

We know that providing service often involves selling spare parts.

That’s why our product catalog is integrated into Odoo FSM.

The cost of products is also calculated automatically for you, making your selling journey simple and easy.

Follow instruction in Odoo FSMWorksheet template

With the worksheet template feature in Odoo FSM, you will have all the instructional resources you need such as spare parts to bring along and maintenance steps.

Worksheet template gives technician advanced diagnostic information and helps them arrive better prepared to resolve a problem at the first attempt, even with the most complex equipment.

Automated billing system is great in Odoo FSMAutomated billing system

Speaking of billing, Odoo FSM’s automated billing system comes in handy to automate the entire process and reduce manual data entry.

All the tracked working times and products purchased by customers are prefilled automatically in invoices. You can always create draft invoices instantly from the field service tasks form.

Integrating with Odoo Sales, Inventory, and Invoicing app

Integration is an essential part of all businesses.

Odoo FSM seamlessly connects with other Odoo apps such as Sales, Inventory, Invoicing, and more, giving you up-to-date data in real-time.

By having real-time data, you can always stay on top of your field service business process.

What Are The Benefits of Using Odoo Field Service Management System?

We have discovered 8 main features of Odoo FSM in the last section.

Now we want to look at how these 8 main features can help service providers in Malaysia to do their job more effectively and efficiently.

Here are 5 benefits of using Odoo FSM:

  • Streamline field service management

  • Achieve full data visibility

  • Access real-time data

  • Increase first-time fixed rates

  • Save time and money

Odoo FSM streamline field service managementStreamline field service management

With Odoo FSM, you can manage everything in one place, from creating and dispatching field service tasks to tracking progress and completing work orders.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about any tasks overlapping, double-booking, or last-minute callouts anymore. Gantt view in Odoo FSM keeps tasks scheduling and planning smooth and effective.

That means your technicians and customers could get the best possible experience.

Sound good?

Odoo FSM helps you achieve full data visibilityAchieve full data visibility

If you want to have a clear view of your field service business operations, Odoo FSM is a great tool for you.

With the pipeline structure in Odoo FSM, you can achieve full visibility of everything that’s going on - all in one place.

As a manager, you can easily track and monitor the tasks and keep an eye on your workers’ progress. Your technician can also have all the details they need right at their fingertips like where your customers are located, their contact details, what services they need, and when they need them done.

Odoo FSM helps you access real-time dataAccess real-time data

Dealing with outdated data creates troubles in your field service business operations. With Odoo FSM, you can integrate seamlessly with other Odoo apps, so you can access all your data in one place.

And, Odoo FSM gives you more than that - automated integration.

Every sales order that’s created by your sales team will automatically create a task for your technicians in Odoo FSM

If you update your inventory, those changes will be automatically reflected in Odoo FSM’s product catalog

Any invoices you create in Odoo FSM will automatically be created in Odoo Invoice

No more duplicate effort or human errors to worry about! With Odoo FSM, you'll have all your data in one place, and everything will be updated automatically.

Odoo FSM greatly increase your first-time fixed ratesIncrease first-time fixed rates

Picture this: Your technician shows up to a job but forgets to bring specific spare parts or skips a step, and now your customer is left with another problem.

With Odoo FSM, you can use worksheet templates to create detailed checklists for maintenance, repair, installations, or preventive actions for different equipment or devices.

This way, your technicians will have all the necessary information they need to complete the job correctly, every time.

This also means fewer headaches for your customers and more successful jobs on the first attempt.

Odoo FSM saves you a lot of time and costSave time and money

Without proper route planning not only wastes time, but also costs you money in fuel.

Route planning in Odoo FSM helps you to optimize your travel time and distance by checking out a clear view of the map.

All your on-site service tasks for the day are indicated on the map. So, you can plan your route accordingly and avoid unnecessary detours or backtracking.

Route planning helps you to get to your job sites faster and spend more time actually doing the work, ultimately boosting your productivity and profitability.

By reducing the time and distance you spend on the road, you will save money on fuel and maintenance costs for your vehicle.

How Does Odoo FSM Help Each One In Service Providers Companies?

Let's take a closer look at how Odoo FSM can benefit team managers, technicians, and even customers.

Team Managers

Efficiently schedule and dispatch technicians based on their availability

Automate billing and invoicing, reducing errors and saving time.

Gain real-time visibility into operations, enabling data-driven decision-making and performance tracking.

Easily generate custom reports and real-time analytics, gaining insights into performance and identifying areas for improvement.


Access job details, customer information, and product from their mobile device, anytime and anywhere.

Receive real-time updates on job schedules and their details.

Follow the consistent set of instructions to complete the on-site service successfully on the first attempt.


Receive timely and efficient service, increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Every issue is resolved effectively without leaving any loose ends or lingering problems.

Quick verification through e-signature without spending time filling out paperwork, mailing, or faxing it back to the service provider.

Examples of Malaysia Industries That Are Using Field Service Management Systems

Field service management is commonly used by companies in a wide range of industries, including:

  1. HVAC and plumbing services

  2. Electrical and mechanical services

  3. IT and telecommunications services

  4. Healthcare services

  5. Facility management services

These companies use field service management software to streamline their field service operations, improve efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction.

Field service management is like the backbone of on-site performance.

It's so important for field service companies to have a reliable system in place, and Odoo Field Service is one that can truly deliver.

When you're dealing with multiple tasks, people, and data, you need a system that can keep up and provide all the necessary features and capabilities.

So, if you are in the field service game and looking for a way to streamline your processes, Odoo Field Service is definitely worth checking out!

Key Take Away From This Blog:

What is Odoo Field Service Management (FSM)? A powerful field service management system to automate the manual field service management process effectively.

What Are The Key Features of Odoo FSM? Odoo FSM offers a wide range of features, including multi-project management, mobile device access, route planning, working time tracking, worksheet template, product selling, automated billing system and, integration with other Odoo apps

What Are The Benefits of Using Odoo FSM? There are 5 benefits of using Odoo FSM such as streamlined field service management, full data visibility, real-time data, increased first-time fixed rates, and saving time and money.

Who Does Odoo FSM Help In Service Providers Companies? Odoo FSM helps team managers, each technician, and even customers to experience the best field service operations process.

Examples of Malaysia Industries That Are Using Field Service Management Systems? There are 5 common industries in Malaysia that are recommended to use field service management systems which are HVAC and plumbing services, electrical and mechanical services, IT and telecommunications services, healthcare services, and facility management services.