Why Odoo Should Be Your Choice for ERP System in 2022?
Key benefits that Odoo ERP system can bring to your business.
23 November, 2022 by
Why Odoo Should Be Your Choice for ERP System in 2022?
Eric Kek

Why Odoo Should Be Your Choice for ERP System in 2022?

Odoo ERP is definitely one of the best ERP systems in the market that supports businesses of all sizes and industries, especially for SMEs that are looking for a flexible solution.

As of today, the number of Odoo ERP users across the globe has increased from 4 million to a whopping number of 7 million!

The main reason for Odoo’s rapid growth of users has to be its flexibility and ability to integrate.

Odoo ERP system.

Odoo ERP allows businesses to integrate vital modules such as CRM, Accounting, Inventory and etc. through cloud infrastructure, which helps tremendously in business efficiency and many more crucial aspects.

If implemented, Odoo ERP will without a doubt be a vital system for your business in its journey towards success.

In this blog, we will be showing you some key advantages that Odoo ERP can bring to your business and even your teams!

1. Integration of Multiple Modules
2. Readily Available Customer Support
3. Supports Customization
4. Pricing
5. Improves Overall Efficiency
6. Centralized Data for Transparency

  1. Integration of Multiple Modules
    With the advancement of digital technologies, businesses worldwide are implementing systems that could help them grow quicker.
    Because of that, system integration is becoming more important now than ever, and Odoo ERP is doing great when it comes to that aspect!
    Consisting of more than 35 modules (Inventory, Logistics, Manufacturing, Accounting, Human Resources, etc.) Odoo ERP still makes sure their users are able to integrate all modules together, allowing them to complete the whole workflow seamlessly with just one single system that is Odoo.

  2. Readily Available Customer Support
    Implementing an ERP system while making sure it fits the business can be a complicated process.
    That is why readily available customer support is very important.
    One of the best qualities of Odoo is the approachability of its customer support.
    By having multiple sources for users to request support, Odoo is able to ensure its customer support services are highly approachable.
    For the basic support and bug fixes, they can be easily accessed via emails on weekdays.
    For more personalized service from Odoo expert consultants via emails or chats, users can simply register for the Odoo Success Pack.

    A support team performs 24/7 customer service using CRM app.

  3. Supports Customization
    Every business will have a different set of needs and requirements, that is why Odoo ERP ensures its system supports end-to-end end-user customization.
    Even though Odoo’s customization is without extensive code rewriting or changes to its basic structure, it still manages to help solve businesses’ different requirements.
    Unlike other ERP systems which offer little to no room for customization on the users’ side.

  4. Pricing
    If you have been looking for ERP systems available in the market, you might have noticed most ERPs are pricey and expensive.
    However, one great aspect of Odoo is that it has no fixed price tags.
    You’ll only have to pay for what you need. If you want to implement Odoo for its e-commerce module, you’ll only have to pay for that module.
    If you do not wish to pay for the complete package, you’ll even have the option of using the free community version.

    Increase cash flow after implementing ERP system.
  5. Improves Overall Efficiency
    With its fully integrated ERP system, Odoo is able to help improve the overall efficiency of businesses.
    Odoo ERP system encourages automation of manual tasks, thus helping businesses reduce the resources needed to get tasks done.
    Businesses will also be able to reduce the costs needed to implement new systems as Odoo ERP has a wide variety of modules to choose from.

  6. Centralized Data for Transparency
    Odoo's ERP system highly encourages a single source of truth for more centralized and trustworthy data.
    Thanks to the integration, data transparency and traceability are made possible with Odoo.
    In this day and age, data plays a crucial role in ensuring high productivity with fewer errors.
    When a company has data that is transparent, traceable, and accurate, employees will be able to work much more confidently and top management will be able to come up with much more reliable strategies.