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Lumimedik: High-End Medical Instruments Supplier & Service Provider

As a leading supplier of diagnostic imaging equipment in Malaysia, Lumimedik goes the extra mile by providing installation, maintenance, and repair services to help customers extend the lifespans of their equipment.

Realizing the challenge of consistently delivering diverse business services, Lumimedik was in search of an efficient business solution. In collaboration with Onnet Consulting, Lumimedik successfully adopted a seamless business management software that perfectly caters to their needs for both sales and on-site services.

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Odoo ERP Implementation Journey of Lumimedik

Unique ERP solutions specifically for Lumimedik by Onnet Consulting

Odoo improves data traceability in warranty management.

Poor Data Traceability When Managing Warranties Using Words

Tracking the correct warranty information for one piece of equipment was difficult when multiple versions of documents existed.

Odoo gives Lumimedik's teams real-time visibility of warranty information updates all in one place. With that, they make sure their customers can receive the service and support they are entitled to during the warranty period, improving customer satisfaction.

Odoo provides quotation template and improve sales order process.

Create Sales Orders Manually Is Slow & Erroneous

Lumimedik found manually generating multiple sales order lines with
Ms Words was error-prone and time-consuming.

With Odoo, Lumimedik can create multiple sales order lines within a few minutes using quotation templates. By simply choosing a quotation template, all products and their details are auto-populated, reducing the possibility of any input mistakes by the salesperson.

Odoo helps to improve credit control trough statement of account.

Inability To Monitor & Control Credit Effectively

Before digitalization, credit control was complicated for Lumimedik due to their reliance on traditional manual accounting methods.

Recognizing the limited capabilities of Excel to handle accounting, Onnet Consulting suggests utilizing Statement of Account in Odoo. Lumimedik can effortlessly issue auto-generated SoA to customers for follow-up, ensuring prompt notification of the outstanding balance for everyone involved.

Odoo automated recurring maintenance and corrective appointments.

Easily Miss Recurring Appointments As Scheduling Done Manually

Technicians easily overlook upcoming maintenance occurrences, leading to delays in maintenance services which potentially cause equipment failures.

Since Odoo's automation handles all recurring maintenance scheduling,  all technicians stay informed about upcoming maintenance dates. Now, they have been able to consistently deliver on-time service (preventive & corrective maintenance) for all projects, minimizing the risk of frequent equipment failure.

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