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Improved Customer Orders Management From Order Placement to Delivery

Pao Yeang Malaysia is implementing Odoo ERP system.

Pao Yeang: Supplying Quality Printing Supplies Since 1984

Pao Yeang is one of the most popular and well-trusted textile printing companies in Malaysia. Since 1984, quality has always been their top priority. They promise to sell products that are of top-grade quality to their customers, every single time.

As Pao Yeang's business expands, allowing it to reach a larger audience, its customer orders increased subsequently as well. To meet customer orders more effectively, Pao Yeang has decided to seek ERP implementation services from Onnet Consulting, aiming to streamline their customer order management through Odoo.

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Odoo ERP Implementation Journey of Pao Yeang

Unique ERP solutions specifically for Pao Yeang by Onnet Consulting

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Manual Delivery Order Processes Cause Low Productivity

Pao Yeang's team was unproductive when they had to manually manage a large number of customer orders without automation.

With Odoo's integration capabilities, the delivery order (DO) can be automatically generated with accurate information for the warehouse team. The amount of manual labor needed to create DO has been reduced, allowing the team to improve their overall productivity.

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Inaccurate Sales Commission Tracking with Spreadsheets

Pao Yeang's sales commission payout was inaccurate due to delayed and inaccurate reporting.

To cater to Pao Yeang's complex commission structure, Onnet Consulting has provided the team with personalized commission tracking and reporting. Sales managers can now calculate commissions faster and more accurately, allowing payout to always be on-time.

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Stock Picking with Frequent Human Errors

As Pao Yeang's business grows each day, workers have more orders to pick which increases the chances of human errors.

Odoo's barcode scanning feature has effectively reduced human errors during stock picking. Pao Yeang's team will be alerted by the system if the items scanned do not match customer orders, allowing the team to pick the right products for delivery every single time.

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Poor Decision Making Due to Outdated & Inaccurate Inventory Valuation

Before implementing Odoo, Pao Yeang faced difficulties when trying to define the accurate value of its inventories in real time.

With Odoo's perpetual inventory valuation report, Pao Yeang's team is able to precisely define the value of its remaining stock in inventory. Decision-making on budgeting, stock purchasing, etc. is now more well-informed, allowing the company to maintain the highest profit margin.

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