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Improve Your Warehouse Efficiency


Improve Operation Productivity

Stock Replenishment

Clean and Clear Interface

Improve Traceability

Improve operation productivity with Odoo ERP Malaysia inventory app

Improve Operation Productivity

Barcode Scanner

Improve your productivity by using a barcode scanner for the whole inventory operation which includes: inventory adjustments, incoming shipments, picking orders, etc.

Smart Scheduler

Inventory forecasting allows the smart scheduler to automatically manage products to have them available just in time for your customers.

Better Visibility

Keep in the loop the confirmation of sales order and purchase order to plan the manpower for delivery and receiving activities ahead.

Replenish stocks with Odoo Malaysia ERP system inventory app

Stock Replenishment

Optimized Stock level

Based on your inventory forecast, the Odoo inventory app will have a proposition of your purchase order to control your stock level.


Production will only be initiated after a customer placed an order. Practice lean and just-in-time processes help to reduce excess wastes in terms of materials, manpower, and other operating costs.

Odoo Malaysia ERP system has clean user interface

Clean and Clear Interface

Modern User Interface

A user-friendly interface that is specially designed for better inventory management. Spend less effort and time to get more work done.

Double Entry Inventory

Odoo's double-entry inventory management allows full visibility for each stock movement from stock receiving to stock delivery.

Multiple Warehouse Operation Dashboard

Provide a complete warehouse operation dashboard for warehouse people to be informed of the scheduled shipments. A late shipment reminder on the dashboard provides a handful of information for users to proceed to the next action.

Odoo Malaysia inventory app helps improve stock traceability

Improve Traceability

Full Stock Move Traceability

Odoo inventory app helps you to track every stock movement from purchase to warehouse to sales order. The history of all operations will be attached to specific documents for better traceability.

Lots & Serial Number Tracking

Odoo inventory app helps to ensure accuracy in manufacturing processes like tracking and tracing of serial numbers and manufacturing lots.

No More Stock-Out In Your Warehouse

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