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Turn Sales Orders Into Invoices With A Single Click


Manage Customer Invoices

Manage Supplier Invoices

Handle Payments

Manage customer invoices with Malaysia Odoo ERP invoicing app

Manage Customer Invoices

Customer Invoices Management

A complete and professional invoice can be generated easily from any confirmed sales orders.

Print or Send By Email

Print your sales invoices as hard copies and send them to your customers or send them by email.

Issue Refunds

Create credit notes for your customers and manage reimbursements.

Odoo Malaysia ERP system supports supplier invoice management

Manage Supplier Invoices

Create Supplier Invoices

Record your supplier invoices in the system to manage payments and integrate them into accounting.

3-Way Matching Payments

Compare received quantities against supplier invoices from suppliers to ensure you are not overpaid or underpaid.

Attach and Upload Supplier Invoices

Attach actual invoices from suppliers for future references.

Handle all your payments with Odoo Malaysia ERP invoicing app

Handle Payments

Invoices Overview and Follow-ups

A broad view of invoices can be filtered by status which allows better payments handling. Set up automated actions in the system to follow up on due payments.

Customers and Supplier Payments

Batch deposits and payments are available for you to reconcile multiple invoices as paid or select multiple supplier invoices so as to pay them all at once.


Multi-currency supports international trades which allows you to purchase from foreign suppliers and sell to foreign customers.

Achieve On-Time Payments

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Odoo Purchase app

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