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MRP System That Simplifies Manufacturing


Manage Orders

Schedule and Plan

Work Center Overview

Reports Tracking

Manage manufacturing orders with Odoo Malaysia MRP solution

Manage Orders

Better production control

You can now manage your products into assembly lines and launch the production of items needed for final assembly.

Editable MOs

Odoo MRP apps provide you the flexibility to edit your manufacturing orders and consume other products despite what was originally planned.


Use barcodes to speed up your manufacturing processes such as serial number scanning, move to the next stop, start/pause/stop the stopwatch and etc.

 Schedule and manage manufacturing flows with Odoo Malaysia mrp app

Schedule and Plan

Manage Manufacturing and Work Orders

Have a clear insight on your whole plan, access all available resources easily, and plan ahead of your production.

Manage Bill of Materials

Track the availability of items in stock and the actual consumption from your production uses.

Work Center Capacity

MRP smart scheduler can be used to schedule your work at each work center based on their capacity and utilization rate.

Gain manufacturing workcenter overview with Odoo Malaysia MRP

Work Center Overview

Record Productions

You can now register your production through scanning of products, lots or serial numbers. Not only that but many other operations can also be done directly from the work center.

Display of Work Instructions

Operators can directly extract instructions or guidelines from worksheets to know their responsibilities during operations.

Work Order Steps

Define multiple steps in a work order and link them into worksheet pages.

Odoo Malaysia ERP system supports data tracking

Reports Tracking

Production Traceability

Components and materials that are used in productions can be traced in a full upstream report.

Costs Analysis

Keep track on the cost of each manufacturing order based on the operations and material costs.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Track your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and gain insights on how to improve your productivity.

Achieve Full Production Visibility With Odoo

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