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Manage Supplies and Purchase Orders Easily


Enhanced Purchasing Flow

Smart Purchasing Decision

Product Handling

Better Forecast and Analyzation

Enhanced Purchasing Flow with Odoo Purchase app

Enhanced Purchasing Flow

Monitor RFQs and POs

Track the status of your RFQs, expected delivery date and amount of confirmed purchase orders. Convert your POs into invoice with a single click.

Automate Reordering

Set up automated min/max rules to reorder the necessary items according to your inventory level. Approval is needed when sending out purchase orders.

Manage Incoming Products

Track stock quantity on hand and location of each receiving. Setup special rules to automate the distribution of receiving product to multiple locations.

Odoo Purchase app provides smart purchasing decision

Smart Purchasing Decision

Vendor Price Lists

Having a vendor price list in your system allows you to take advantage of promotional prices and volume-based offers.

Supplier KPIs

Compliance ratings of suppliers will be tracked to have a better insight on how well your suppliers meet their agreed-upon obligations with regard to lead time, delivery time and discounts.

Odoo Purchase app helps with product handling

Product Handling

Create Products

Easily differentiate similar products by configuring sales price, type, barcode and reference to that specific goods.

Add Product Variants

Add variants such as color, shape and capacity on your products to create a cleaner list of products.

Odoo Purchase app provides better forecast and analyzation

Better Forecast and Analyzation

Better Forecast with Dashboards

Use personalized dashboard for better analysis. Download the statistical data from dashboard and share with your team.

Forecast Inventory Needs

Forecast your product availabilities according to your confirmed sales orders, purchase orders and manufacturing orders.

Automate Your Replenishment Process  

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