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Sell More Efficiently

Create Professional Quotation

Streamline Communication

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Intuitive Reporting

Sell efficiently with Odoo ERP Malaysia sales app

Sell More Efficiently

Reduce Data Entry

Save the efforts of your sales team by reducing their data entry. Convert quotes into sales orders and invoices with a single click.

Data Accessibility

A user interface that is designed for salespeople, which gathers all the information they need to enhance their sales performance. Salespeople can have direct access to all the information from a single view.

Create quotations with Odoo ERP Malaysia's sales app

Create Professional Quotations

Quotation Builder

Create a polished and clean quotation in seconds that helps to improve the efficiency of your sales team.

Quotation Template

Design custom quotations according to your customer's requirements.

Pro-forma Invoice

Send pro-forma invoices to your customers which provides you the flexibility to make any changes.

Streamline your communication with Odoo ERP system

Streamline Communication

Schedule Activities

Schedule your meetings and follow-ups to close sales timely by receiving alerts for relevant activities.

Email Trace

Create your quotations and immediately send them out with one click. Everything can be done in ONE system. All related activities are tracked on sales orders, allowing you to trace past negotiations and discussions for future references.

Manage your orders easily with Odoo Malaysia ERP system

Manage Orders

Sales Orders

Easily convert your quotations into sales orders. Odoo sales app gives you the ability to modify your sales orders from quotations seamlessly.

Customer Portal

An online portal will be provided, allowing your customers to view their quotes, sales orders, and track the status of delivery orders in real-time.

Gain intuitive reporting with Odoo Malaysia ERP system

Intuitive Reporting

Decisive KPI Dashboard

A lean and focused KPI dashboard that helps salespeople in monitoring important information such as salespeople performances, best selling products, top customers, and most profitable products on a single screen.

Personalized Dashboard

Salespeople can own their personalized dashboard with just a few simple steps of drag and drop. Most importantly, a mix and match of data sources can be placed on a single screen that motivates salespeople by having their own interest in indicators.

Achieve Sales Performance Excellence with Odoo

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