ERP System for Manufacturing SMEs


A Fully Integrated Odoo ERP System

To achieve Lean Manufacturing effectiveness

Odoo Malaysia ERP System Manufacturing Solution

Improved Productivity

Improved Productivity by on time delivery +90%

On-Time Delivery

Forecast delivery processes with accurate traceability and visibility.

Improved Productivity  by reduced lead time -24%

Lead Time

Reduce production lead time by lowering wait time between processes.

Improved Productivity by increase output volume +15%


Increase output volume with better planning and management.

Increased Profit & Margin 

Increased Profit & Margin by reduce overall cost -15%

Overall Cost

Streamline all processes to reduce operation and administrative costs.

Increased Profit & Margin by reduce wastage and scrap -25%

Waste & Scrap

Reduce wastage and scrap with better quality control.

Increased Profit & Margin by lower inventory buffer -20%

Inventory Bloat

Reduce costs by lowering down unnecessary inventory buffer.

Increased Staff Efficiency

Increased Staff Efficiency by reduce data entry time +12%

Time Saved

Reduce time needed for data entry by automating most of the manual routines.

Increased Staff Efficiency by improve process speed +15%

Process Speed

Improve collaboration & communication between departments.

Increased Staff Efficiency by improve data accuracy +90%


Improve data accuracy to enhance decision making processes.

Odoo ERP cloud technology for Malaysian manufacturing industries
Full Information Visibility Through Cloud Technology

Manufacturing SMEs can have complete visibility on reports, information, and business activities with the help of the Odoo cloud ERP system. Having full manufacturing visibility, manufacturing SMEs will be able to utilize resources, manage work progresses, and solve production issues more efficiently. This encourages the reduction of downtime, delay, and wastage of manufacturing/production processes.

Manufacturing industries Odoo Malaysia ERP System
Real-Time Data and Information

All data can be acquired and stored in real-time. The Odoo ERP system allows work automation. Time-consuming and repetitive tasks such as data collection and data entry are now made effortless. Manufacturing SMEs will be able to save more time and improve manufacturing processes by cutting down manual data entry and other redundant efforts.

A single source of truth for manufacturing SMEs with Odoo Malaysia
A Single Source of Truth Across Departments

With the Odoo ERP system, all departments will have a unified database with actual raw data that is unbiased and honest. By maintaining accurate and consistent data across all departments, business operations can be less prone to errors. With data and knowledge being stored in a single system, future staff transition will also be easier as your teams grow along with your businesses.

Lean manufacturing with Odoo Malaysia's manufacturing ERP system
Standardize Workflow and Reduce Manufacturing Losses

Having an Odoo ERP system is crucial for manufacturing SMEs that are trying to implement Lean Manufacturing. Standardized operations can be achieved by setting up a baseline of standard manufacturing operation instructions through the Odoo work center. Within any Total Productive Maintenance implementation, the OEE measurements of Odoo ERP system can assist SMEs in measuring the overall process availability, performance, and quality. This measurement will provide a clear indicator to SMEs to identify one of the root causes of manufacturing losses, which will be useful in conducting problem-solving initiatives. 

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