ERP System for Trading and Distribution SMEs


A Fully Integrated Odoo ERP System

To improve your profits & cashflow

A Fully Integrated Odoo ERP System to boost your profit

Improved Staff Efficiency

Improved Staff Efficiency by improved accuracy +90%


Real time information reduces human errors and simplifies transaction processes.

Improved Staff Efficiency by reduce repetitive processes +12%

Time Saved

Reduce repetitive processes and manual data entries.

Improved Staff Efficiency by coordinate all supply chain activities -83%

Order Delayed

Coordinate all supply chain activities and achieve on-time delivery in full quantity.

Better Inventory Control

Better Inventory Control with good traceability +90%


Identify stocks with issues to avoid mishandling of goods.

Better Inventory Control by reduced excess Inventory -25%

Excess Inventory

Better inventory forecast with historical sales data and seasonal trend.

Better Inventory Control by improve warehouse efficiency +37%

Warehouse Efficiency

Improve warehouse operations with barcode scanning to enhance performance.

Improved Profit & Margin

Improved Profit & Margin by reduce operation and administrative costs -10%

Operation Cost

Real time information to reduce operation and administrative costs.

Improved Profit & Margin by improved customer Satisfaction +60%

Customer Satisfaction

Drive up your customer satisfaction level with on time delivery.

Improved Profit & Margin by cutting down unnecessary inventory in warehouse -15%

Inventory Cost

Reduce costs by cutting down unnecessary inventory in warehouse.

The Most User Friendly ERP System in Malaysia
The Most User-Friendly ERP System in Malaysia

Through the Odoo ERP system, trading and distribution SMEs can have an ALL-IN-ONE platform that promotes efficiency in their daily business operations. They are also able to work online productively with the help of Odoo cloud ERP technology. Thanks to Odoo's easy-to-use ERP system, complicated manual, and physical work can now be automated, making them effortless.

Seamless Process Flow and Data Integration for Trading and Distribution SMEs with Odoo ERP System
Seamless Process Flow & Database Integration

Trading and distribution SMEs can manage and access all their important data from a single Odoo database. Accurate information can be acquired consistently by having a single source of truth across all departments. Thanks to the Odoo ERP system, orders will be able to flow automatically from one app to another through smart integration of process flow.

Simplify Daily Tasks for True Productivity Gain
Simplify Daily Tasks for True Productivity Gain

Automated input tasks such as autocomplete, auto-fill up and auto pricing help reduce the risks of data input errors. Trading and distribution SMEs that adopt Odoo ERP system can have personalized dashboards, thus information from any department can all be viewed in one glance. Not only that, updates, graphs, listings, reports, and performances of any departments can be easily accessed as well with just a single click.

Odoo Cloud ERP system allows trading and distribution SMEs to operate anywhere and anytime
Run Your Business Anywhere & Anytime

Odoo is a cloud-based ERP system, which means trading and distribution SMEs can still operate without having their employees to be physically in the office. As long as there is internet access, they will be able to work wherever and whenever. Real-time collaboration and rapid information syncing among colleagues can also be accomplished. With no installation required, simply open up the browser from any device to use the Odoo cloud ERP system.

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