Chew Yein Sean, Business Development Director, Avialite

“ The team’s dedication and professionalism aided us a lot in our ERP implementation. With their consultation, our ERP implementation is a success, allowing us to compete in this ever-changing global market! We truly value the partnership between us and the team. ”

Chew Yein Sean, Business Development Director, Avialite
Avialite's experience with Odoo ERP experts of Malaysia


Since 2005, Avialite has always been a well-recognized manufacturer specializing in LED aviation obstruction beacons (OB) and warning lights. Thanks to Avialite's products, aviation safety is vastly secured with the marking of telecommunication towers and high structures. Avialite has a goal of striving to be the new standard in this niche market of aviation lighting technology. Therefore, the company has decided to maintain its high product quality standards. The products are expected to function in harsh environments and meet stringent aviation regulations.

Challenges Before Odoo Implementation

Before being introduced to the Odoo ERP system, Avialite, just like most businesses in Malaysia was using a different software and excel spreadsheets across different departments and functions. However, running a large business like Avialite with varied software is not ideal.

Lack of visibility is one of the challenges that Avialite faced before odoo implementation

Lack of Visibility 

  • The lack of integration among departments causes lack of visibility of data and information.

  • Production handlers may slip on production schedule for not getting first-hand information from sales after customer order confirmation.

  • Manual tracking of production progress creates ad-hoc unforeseen delivery issue.

Lack of traceability is one of the challenges that Avialite faced before odoo implementation

Lack of Traceability

  • Time consuming to produce reports for business traceability, for example sales, purchase, inventory and production report.

  • Lack of traceability on finished goods that require serial number tracking.

  • Consumption of raw material in production floor are not traceable.

Odoo Solution for Avialite

Avialite was using an older version of the Odoo ERP system with the help of a regional dealer. Over time, Avialite realized in order to overcome the challenges faced, a newer version of the Odoo ERP system will be needed. With Onnet’s expert and sincere consultations, Avialite is now able to implement the most compatible Odoo ERP system according to their needs.

Full Visibility

on business intelligence & reports

  • Avialite’s business integration is made possible with Odoo ERP system. Cross-reference of information and reports between departments and functions are now made easier.

  • The manufacturing order list view of Odoo ERP system provides clearer visibility on the progress of each work center.


through components & finished goods serial number tracking

  • Odoo ERP system allows serial number tracking on components and finished goods, from material releasing to finished good producing, further until goods delivery.

  • Serial numbers can now be easily organized in batches. The tedious input of serial numbers can be avoided.

Workflow Automation

for procurement & manufacturing orders

  • Draft PO can now be automatically generated for approval whenever stock quantity falls below minimum quantity or is insufficient for production.

  • Draft manufacturing orders can be automatically generated as well when there are confirmed sales orders on products.

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