Digital Transformation In Wholesale Distribution Industry In Malaysia
Why is digital transformation in wholesale distribution becomes necessary in Malaysia?
28 March, 2023 by
Chuah Chun Yan

Wholesale distribution industries in Malaysia such as consumer electronics, automotive parts & accessories, and pharmaceutical products supplies companies have been using ERP systems to digitalize their distribution management operations for quite some time.

With everything going digital, manual business systems won’t cut it anymore, and outdated ERP systems will slow you down.

Any wholesale distribution businesses that delay their digital transformation journey are at risk of becoming obsolete at a rapid pace.

This is why as your business grows, you need to check if your current system can support the specific capabilities and agility needed for operational distribution management to keep up with the competitive market.

4 Impact of Digital Transformation On The Wholesale Distribution Industry In Malaysia

In Malaysia, embracing digital transformation through ERP systems can offer numerous advantages for your wholesale distribution business.

For one, the ability to automate manual and repetitive tasks involved in distribution management workflows through digitalization.

So your employees can focus on more valuable tasks. Automation by digitalization not only saves your time but also cuts down on expenses and resources.

See what are the differences between digital transformation and digitalization.

All these are just the beginning — there is much more to gain from digital transformation with ERP systems in wholesale distribution. Let’s explore this further.

  1. Enhanced Flexibility

  2. Achieve Full Data Visibility

  3. Increased Profitability

  4. Better Customer Experience

Odoo Sales pricelist that support multiple currencies in Malaysia.
The image is showing a price list that supports multiple currencies.

Enhanced Flexibility

Want to keep your customers coming back for more?

With an ERP system, you are given the flexibility to cater to your customer’s unique needs.

Imagine you are in the fashion and appraisal industry.

The product configurator allows you to personalize products with various options like fabric types, colors, and sizes, giving more variant options for customers to choose from.

Not only that, you can manage complex price lists with ease, creating a loyalty program with special rewards or discounts based on customer segment, purchase amount, and period,

With all this flexibility, you can scale your fashion and appraisal business and retain your customers effectively without hassle.

The image is showing forecasted inventory levels when creating sales orders.

Achieve Full Data Visibility

When you can’t see the whole picture of your inventories, delivering the benefits of a just-in-time framework becomes challenging. 

This is precisely why digital transformation is essential in wholesale distribution companies. It automates inventory level updates in real time. 

See what other workflows you can automate in wholesale distribution industry nowadays.

By doing so, you gain complete data visibility at every stage of distribution management, from purchasing to production to delivery.

Real-time stock demand forecasting becomes possible, enabling you to manage inventories more effectively. Also, you could identify and address bottlenecks proactively before they turn into a big problem, well-prepared to fulfilling orders as they come in.

With such complete data visibility, your business will definitely gain a competitive edge that sets you apart from others in wholesale distribution industry!

The image is showing eCommerce website for the electronic devices industry.

Increased Profitability

Digital transformation drives wholesale business growth and revenue significantly. How?

Let’s take the electronic devices supplier as an example.

With so many types of inventories including models, colors, and more, it can be challenging to recommend all the relevant products to your customers manually and seize all potential opportunities.

By having an ERP system in place, you can create new revenue streams through automated upselling and cross-selling. When customers add products to their carts during checkout, they are automatically offered alternative products that may interest them.

Through automated upselling and cross-selling, you boost the overall sales productivity significantly, creating a win-win situation for your business and your happy customers!

The image is showing customer portal for wholesale distribution industry.

Better Customer Experience

Looking for ways to serve your customers better?

Consider going digital with an eCommerce website!

With an eCommerce site, customers can enjoy 24/7 self-service and shop conveniently from anywhere in Malaysia. They can easily purchase, pay and track their orders online without having to call a salesperson.

This not only improves the customer experience but also frees up your sales team to focus on other valuable tasks like market trends and customer demand analysis to create a more strategic sales plan.

That way, your sales team can reach their sales target more efficiently. This is a win-win situation for both your business and your customers!

Ready to digitalize your business, just like your competitors? 

At Onnet Consulting, we offer expertise in achieving digital transformation through ERP implementation, seamlessly connecting every stage of distribution management in the wholesale distribution industry.

With our expertise in digital transformation, we always have a specific solution for your business that can enhance flexibility, data visibility, profitability, and customer experience significantly.

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