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Multilayer Discounts  

Provide multiple levels of discounts to your customers on the fly

What is Multilayer Discounts

Multilayer discounts are discounts given to the customers on multiple levels (discounts on discounts). They are usually offered by salesperson for promotional purposes. Without a proper system, calculating multilayer discounts can be time-consuming and miserable.

With Onnet's localized multilayer discounts feature, your sales team can now confidently decide and offer discounts (on discounts) to the customers, while keeping profitability in check. The individual product discounted price and final discounted price will be auto-calculated for your sales teams to minimize human errors.



Reduce human errors significantly when giving discounts on discounts

Improve the performance of your sales team with easily configurable multilayer discounts

Reduces financial risks significantly

Key Features

  • Support unlimited layers of discounts

  • Auto calculated discounted amount of product with minimum error

  • Auto-generated final profit margin based on the final discounted amount

Help Your Sales Team Sell Better with Multilayer Discounts

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