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Production Direct/Indirect Cost 

Clearly understand the costs that go into your finished goods

What is Production Direct/Indirect Cost

The production direct/indirect cost is an Onnet localized feature that allows your team to have an in-depth tracking of finished goods costs.

Resources needed to manufacture goods can be set as direct costs (direct material costs, direct labor, etc.) or indirect costs (salaries, insurance, utilities, etc.).

This provides your team with a more accurate valuation of the finished goods, thus enabling them to set more competitive selling prices.



Accurate costing for finished goods

Set competitive selling prices for finished goods

Comprehensive manufacturing cost calculation 

In-depth manufacturing cost tracking

Key Features

  • Able to set direct/indirect cost for goods to be manufactured 

  • Auto calculated finished product cost according to both direct/indirect costs

  • Direct/indirect costs from BOM will be auto populated when creating manufacturing orders

Track and Understand Your Manufacturing Costs Better

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