Purchase Price History
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Purchase price history Odoo purchase localization.

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What is Purchase Price History


Purchase price history is a feature that shows the past product costs of a company. This feature is very convenient because it serves as a single point of reference for the purchasing teams when sending out RFQs.

Implementing this Onnet localized feature will allow your purchasing teams to make the most cost-efficient purchase for the company.

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Why Businesses Need Purchase Price History

Understand past purchase trends in one glance

Cut short overall purchasing lead time

Easily make better purchasing decisions

Avoid unnecessary purchasing expenses

Purchase price history

Key Features

  • Access to past purchasing prices with a single click upon creating RFQs

  • An accurate point of reference for purchase price history

  • Automatically updated purchase history when PO is confirmed

  • Essential information like purchased date, total quantity purchased, and suppliers are all readily available

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