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Recurring Entries  

Improve the efficiency of your finance teams with recurring entries automation

What is Recurring Entries

Recurring entries are repeated business transactions that often have to be recorded regularly such as rentals, insurance, hire purchase, long term loans, etc. Manually recording recurring entries can be frustrating to the finance teams, especially if the number of monthly recurring entries is high.

With Onnet's localization, the recurring entries feature is capable of automating your entries posting, while making sure your team still has full control over the creation, reviewing, and editing of the entries.

If you are trying to improve the efficiency of your teams, then this feature is exactly what you need.



Improved efficiency with less manual work

Full visibility on all recurring entries in a single view

Easily identify and track recurring costs by different cost centers

Key Features

  • Option to create, display, edit, and delete recurring entries with access rights

  • The recurring type of entries (auto post/draft) can be easily selected for financial validation

  • Entries will be automatically posted when it is due

  • Recurring entries can be easily assigned to different cost centers

Get More Work Done with Recurring Entries Automation

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