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Sales Price History  

Keep track of past product sales price with up-to-date history

What is Sales Price History

Sales price history is a feature that provides the salesperson a clear perspective on a product's past sales price. This feature is often needed by many salespeople because the selling prices of the same product could still vary when dealing with different customers.

With Onnet's localization, businesses can now easily view the past sales history of products while creating quotations. This allows them to set product prices for different customers more easily without any hassle.



Easily understand the product sales history and customer buying behaviors

Make better and quicker pricing decisions

Quote more wisely and improve sales profit

Key Features

  • One-click access for the salesperson to check past selling prices upon issuing quotations

  • A single point of view on customers' buying history for a particular product

  • Acquire other essential information like product order dates, total quantity sold, and customers who bought the product without any hassle

Know Your Customers & Price History

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