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Statement of Accounts  

Understand your payment collection status at a glance

What is Statement of Accounts

The statement of accounts is a document that shows an overview of all the transactions between the buyer and the seller. It provides full visibility and traceability for the finance teams on the company's overall financial transactions.

Understanding the Malaysian market, Onnet has specifically localized this feature to fit the needs of all Malaysian SMEs.

Having this feature, your finance team can now clearly view important information such as unpaid transactions, aging days, reconciled/unreconciled entries, and total balance effortlessly.



Simplify reconciliation processes

Serve as a reminder for customers when collecting payments

Payment statuses easily understandable by customers

Prevent customers disputes during reconciliation

Key Features

  • Option to generate statement of accounts in PDF/Excel format

  • Generate multiple customer statement of accounts in one go

  • Clearly listed net remaining balance of all transactions

  • Flexible filtering (start & end date, currency, aging, etc.) on statements to be produced

  • Auto calculated aging days based on invoice date/invoice due date

  • Supports multicurrency

Simplify Your Reconciliation Process
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