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Stock Aging Report  

Identify all your fast/slow-moving products in a single report

What is Stock Aging Report

The stock aging report is a document that shows the key metrics (aging, value, warehouses, etc.) of a company's products.

With the report, companies that deal with a huge number of products daily will be able to identify all their fast and slow-moving products easily. The visibility and traceability of product aging further helps the management in making more informed inventory-related decisions.

In order to better fit the needs of Malaysian SMEs, Onnet has localized the stock aging report, making it easy to be filtered by different metrics when creating the report. The report is also now available in both PDF or Excel format.



Easily identify aged products

Easily make informed inventory-related decisions

Avoid costly inventory wastes

Significantly reduce product storage time

Key Features

  • Available in PDF/Excel format

  • Product value/quantity will be shown in real-time

  • Various grouping of products by different location/warehouse/lot numbers

  • Flexible report metrics filtering and adjusting

Manage and Optimize Your Inventory with Stock Age Visbility

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