Jeroen Jansen, Chief Operating Officer, Markant

“ Our experience with the team has been a very pleasant one. Not only are they technically skillful and professional, they also think in practical solutions, either custom-made or in the market standard. ”

Jeroen Jansen, Chief Operating Officer, Markant
Markant background story


Established in the year 1948, with its headquarter based in the Netherlands, Markant is a leading European manufacturer of quality office furniture and ergonomic accessories. Markant has multiple sales offices across regions such as Australia, Europe, the USA, and Asia. This allows Markant to sell its products at a large scale to the global market. The main operation hub of Markant which consists of a showroom, modern office, and lean manufacturing plant is located at Jenjarom, Malaysia. In order to produce high-quality products at a competitive price, Markant’s team is currently leveraging on international operations, with the goal of further improving them.

Challenges Before Odoo Implementation

Markant’s offices and departments are located all across the globe, thus integration is crucial for the company’s efficiency and effectiveness. Realizing that, Markant then seeks for a cloud ERP system that could provide them an integrated platform. Markant expects the cloud ERP system to ease the communication and working processes of employees from all corners of the world.

Lack of globally integrated platform is one of the challenges that Markant faced before odoo implementation

Lack of Globally Integrated Platform

  • Without integration across offices and departments, Markant’s data communication can be difficult.

  • Markant aims to streamline its current CRM and ERP systems by converging them into one comprehensive future-proof system.

Lack of user-friendly system is one of the challenges that Markant faced beforeodoo implementation

Lack of User-Friendly System

  • Unable to maximize productivity when data, information and reports are not visualized clearly at a single platform.

Odoo Solution for Markant

Even though Markant is based in Europe with a lot of Odoo ERP system providers in the country, the leaders of Markant still decided to establish a partnership with Onnet. With that partnership, Onnet has aided Markant in implementing the Odoo ERP system through consultation, customization, training, and support.

Progressive Deployment

for a smooth ERP implementation experience

  • Markant intends to implement the Odoo ERP system for all of its departments and functions. To help Markant better adapt to the system, Onnet has guided them through the implementation process, area by area, in a period of 1 to 2 years.

  • To guide Markant on their ERP system implementation, Onnet suggested to first deploy the Odoo ERP system onto less complicated functions of the company, such as CRM and HRM.

ERP Optimization

to better solve Markant's business challenges

  • To better understand how Odoo ERP system is able to fulfill Markant’s needs, Onnet first did a consultation with the leaders of Markant. The challenges faced by Markant and the possible solutions required are discussed in the consultation.

  • Through consultation and gap analysis, Onnet has implemented a suitable Product Information Management that assists Markant's salespeople in efficiently managing product selection in sales order.

  • Improved CRM features such as integrated Google calendar, consolidated alert/reminder action list and informative sales analysis improved the efficiency of Markant's salespeople.

  • An all-in-one seamless flow provided the procurement department better visibility in purchasing advise, which a better inventory control in raw material sourcing is made possible.

  • The manufacturing app that automates BOM management has reduced the manual processes of BOM setup tremendously. Markant now has a complete triggering flow from Sales to Production that prevents missing out any production order.

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