Odoo: Best ERP For Wholesale Distribution Companies In Malaysia
Searching for the best ERP for distribution management? See how Odoo Malaysia can help your business.
9 February, 2023 by
Chuah Chun Yan

Odoo Malaysia: Best Distribution Management Software For Wholesale Distribution Business In Malaysia

In Malaysia, wholesale distribution industries often deal with complex business workflows. Despite their diverse operation models, most businesses encounter issues related to ineffective inventory management

For instance, poor visibility into inventory levels, lack of traceability of product movement, and do not have real-time inventory data. Ineffective inventory management would ultimately interrupt the productivity of distribution management. Thus, you need a robust distribution management ERP system to solve your inventory problem effectively.

In this blog, we will go through with you to see the reasons why Odoo Malaysia ERP system is better than any other ERP for distribution management in Malaysia. We will specifically focus on 5 benefits of implementing Odoo Malaysia ERP for your distribution management needs.

5 Benefits of Implementing Odoo Malaysia ERP For Distribution Management

In Malaysia, Odoo is one of the best ERP systems for distribution management to operate effectively. Because Odoo's scalability and flexibility can cater to the unique business nature of wholesale distribution industries in Malaysia.

Other than distribution management, what else Odoo Malaysia ERP can benefit wholesale distribution companies in Malaysia?

  • Improve customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Access real-time inventory management

  • Full visibility into the customer order status

  • Automate accounting and financial management

  • Accurate reporting and forecasting

The image is showing a list of customers to follow up

Improve Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Without proper CRM, the potential risks our business might face are beyond our imagination. See the risks here.

Here is an excellent tool for you — Odoo’s CRM software to nurture relationships with your current and potential customers effectively.

In Odoo’s CRM, you can pre-schedule a series of follow-up activities per opportunity. You will be notified of which customers you need to call or meet today.

The next follow-up reminders will be triggered automatically once the first action is done.

So, you will never miss a lead or customer to follow up.

While following up with customers, you are also allowed to record the critical information in log notes as a reference. It makes it easier to pick up where you left off in the next follow-up.

With Odoo’s CRM software, you can stay connected with customers to build customer loyalty and increase customer retention, allowing you close more sales.

Odoo Malaysia Inventory stock moves report

The image is showing stock move reports

Access Real-time Inventory Management

To ensure business continuity in wholesale distribution companies, you would have to manage your inventory effectively, maintaining a steady flow and optimal level of stock at all times.

This is why you need powerful inventory management software like Odoo Malaysia to acquire real-time inventory control and management.

Odoo’s Inventory software updates inventory data instantly once changes are occurring in other integrated modules, such as Sales, Purchase, and Accounting.

Hence, you can always access accurate, real-time visibility into all warehouse operations anytime such as inventory locations, quantities, valuations, and expiry dates.

By having real-time information at your fingertips, you can always store sufficient inventories level in the warehouse in good condition to meet customer order demand consistently.

Odoo Malaysia Inventory delivery order status

The image is showing real-time customer delivery order status

Full Visibility Into Customer Orders Status

In wholesale distribution companies, having full visibility to track customer order status is crucial to ensure the products are always delivered on time and to the right customers.

Odoo Malaysia gives you full visibility, keeping everyone at every stage of the supply chain informed on customer order status, from the time the order is placed to the time it is delivered.

So, you will understand better when your warehouse will receive the products from suppliers, start production upon receiving the product, and ship the product to customers.

Planning for product manufacturing and delivery becomes more insightful to keep the supply chain more operational.

With full visibility, it is easier to spot and address the issues to avoid any possible delay in product shipment. This helps you to reduce the costs associated with rush orders and delayed shipments greatly.

Odoo Malaysia Accounting journal entries

The image is showing automated journal entries

Automate Accounting and Financial Management

Most of the time, wholesale distribution businesses have to spend quality time and resources to deal with a high volume of transactions. 

Automation in financial data management by Odoo's Accounting comes in handy to save your time and cost greatly.

Only a few clicks are needed to complete the repetitive workflows such as bank reconciliation, journal entries, payment processing, tax calculations, and fiscal period closure.

Automation also ensures all data inputs are accurate and up-to-date. It cuts off the unnecessary human-prone error that usually arises from manual data entries.

These complete and detailed financial records will give a clear picture of a company’s financial health and position, allowing senior management to decide where to allocate resources, create accurate budgets, and better forecast future financial performance.

Odoo Malaysia Sales reporting dashboard

The image is showing a sales report for analysis

Accurate Inventory Reporting and Forecasting

Having a sharp eye on key business metrics in the wholesale distribution industries is important to cope with unpredictable market fluctuations.

The built-in Business Intelligence features in Odoo Malaysia integrate all metrics across different modules into a single platform to ensure a single source of truth.

So, everyone in the company will look at accurate and up-to-date reports.

You can also generate custom reports in seconds to study the criteria you are interested in. All reports can be shown in graphs, pivot tables, or dashboards, allowing you to visualize the patterns, trends, and relationships of data clearly.

By holding reliable data on hand, making a guess is no longer your choice in forecasting.

With accurate reporting, you can gain valuable insight and come out with near-perfect inventory demand forecasting, market opportunities, and potential bottlenecks.

Essential Modules of Odoo Malaysia for Wholesale Distribution Industries 

Odoo Malaysia has a range of features that can make distribution management easier, from boosting your sales to optimizing your inventory management.

With Odoo Malaysia by your side, you can take your wholesale distribution business to the next level.

Get ready to discover more features of Odoo Malaysia you need in the wholesale distribution business? Here we go.

Odoo Malaysia Sales ManagementSales Management:

How does Odoo Malaysia simplify sales management workflow? These 3 features answer your question.

Quotation template: Auto-populates the details to reduce repetitive data entry and send out a complete quotation in minutes.

Customer portal: Your customers can view their orders and invoices, keeping them up-to-date and engaged.

Pricing and discount management: Manage complex pricing strategies and apply discounts or coupons to orders.

Odoo Malaysia Purchase managementPurchase Management:

Looking for the best purchase order system in Malaysia? The system offering these features will be the optimal choice for you! So? Odoo Malaysia!

Automated reordering: Auto-generate RFQs when certain product drops below the minimum level, avoiding frequent out-of-stock issues.

Call for bid: Compare and contrast the purchase price, delivery lead time, and other factors among the vendors to choose the best deals.

Vendor piece lists: Keep track of all past purchase prices of products as records.

Odoo Malaysia Inventory managementInventory Management:

How does Odoo Malaysia cater to different types of inventory management with its features? 

Inventory adjustment: Correct discrepancies between the actual quantity of a product in stock and the quantity recorded in your system.

Barcode scanning: Quickly receive and ship products with barcode scanning.

Lot/serial number: Lot/serial number helps you quickly identify which products are affected by a recall and take appropriate action.

Odoo Malaysia AccountingAccounting:

Can Odoo Malaysia also cater to financial management? Of course! Here are the reasons why you should use Odoo Accounting for financial management.

Deferred expenses & revenue models: Auto-post your expenses and revenue periodically and accurately.

Invoicing: Issue professional invoices and manage your accounts receivable.

Payment follow-up: Automate payment follow-ups to ensure on-time payments.

Odoo Malaysia CRMCustomer Relationship Management:

Does your business really need CRM software? No doubt, you need it no matter what size and industry your business is.

Lead management: Keep track of leads and convert them into opportunities.

Follow-up management: Schedule a sequence of follow-up activities per opportunity, ensuring you never miss following up with them.

Pipeline management: Gain a clear single view of the opportunity pipeline and move each opportunity across the pipeline with drag-and-drop.

Odoo Malaysia eCommerce ModuleeCommerce:

E-commerce is booming in Malaysian business, providing new cash flow opportunities and boosting revenue. There is no exception for the wholesale distribution business.

Website builder: Create a professional-looking website without coding.

Product catalog: Display products in an online catalog with descriptions and images.

Multiple payment gateways: Integrate popular payment gateways to make online transactions seamless.

These are just a few Odoo Malaysia features that can benefit wholesale distribution businesses. There are more Odoo Inventory Management System features for wholesalers to explore, and I hope they will be helpful!

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To win in an unpredictable market and fluctuating demand, Odoo Malaysia is the best choice of ERP system for wholesale distribution companies in Malaysia to perform better and easier.

Integration and automation in Odoo Malaysia can strengthen customer relationships, improve product move traceability, gain full visibility into customer order status, automate accounting and financial management, and forecast demand accurately.

Don’t just take our word for it, experience the power of the Odoo Malaysia ERP system by yourself! Schedule a demo with us now!